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What Our Clients Say

«Zulu white gives us easy access to all competitor activities. Real time alerts enable us to react quickly to new campaigns that are of interest and have led to higher share of campaign budget.»

Remo Baumeler, audienzz

«As one of the largest online retailers in Germany, it is extremely important for OTTO to keep an eye on the developments in the fast moving e-commerce space in order to react quickly to developments and take advantage of new trends. We leverage zulu white for digital insights which enables us to observe the market in real time.»

Marian Bucher, Otto Group

«GroupM is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers. For this we need a detailed view of the market movements through the various advertising channels. Zulu white helps us to take a decisive step in digital marketing. We can now offer our customers full transparency on competitive activities and thus optimize their campaign goals.»

Nicola Pohoralek, GroupM

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Check, if your domain is exposed