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Check, if your domain is exposed
These companies rely on zulu5

zulu5 in Action

What our clients say about zulu.BLACK

« can provide clients with something that has previously been elusive in the video ad delivery process:

The highest level of placement quality control for their video and programmatic campaigns.»

Jan Philip Schreiber
Director Operations

«Knowing that ad suppliers are doing their best to prevent such cases from happening, but fall short in many instances, zulu5 gave us the insights we lacked in the first place.»

Tobias Wegmann

«Ebiquity invests much time and resources to provide innovative services to protect our clients' brands in digital advertising. The outside in alerting system of zulu5 gives us all needed audit information in real time to address our clients' need for zero tolerance, brand safe advertising.»

Hellmut Fischer

zulu.BLACK mitigates worst-case scenario

Avoid loss of brand value

Get peace of mind

Find out where your ads show where they should not. Get a sense of exposure.

Monitor your ad ecosystem

Find out where the weak links are in your ad supply chain. Drive down the risk of misplaced ads through partner screening

Find the loopholes

We provide audit level proof cases of loopholes in brand safety for 0% tolerance clients. Including YouTube.

How do clients use zulu.BLACK

Enter your Domain

Provide relevant landing page domains or brands that need to be screened by zulu5
The zulu5 robot will scan a growing list of over 4 million brand unsafe websites (porn, terrorism, violence...) and alert you as soon as your brand shows up on any of these websites.

zulu5 robot finds your ads

Take action

Spotting weak links in your ad delivery chains to brand unsafe websites you will have all the information at hand to take decisive action and clean up your ad ecosystem for good.

Take back control of your digital ad

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Check, if your domain is exposed