NZZ Media Group acquires zulu5

NZZ Media Group's spin-off Audienzz will be the new owner of technology service provider Zulu5 as of July 2020. With the acquisition of the digital advertising monitoring specialist, Audienzz is strengthening its position in digital advertising and investing in more transparency and quality in the national and international online advertising market. Founder Andreas Gysler will remain on board as CEO.

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Ad-financed conspiracy theories on Youtube

zulu5 has examined which economic segments in the period around the corona lockdown were particularly affected by the play in the environment of conspiracy-theoretic and extremist content on YouTube.

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2020 Brand Safety Study on the Finance Industry in Austria

We have examined the extent to which online advertising for the Austrian financial industry is affected by digital ads displaying on websites with content such as erotic, gambling, pirate & music piracy, fake news or extremism.

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Our 2019 study of Austrian advertisers show that car brands need to take better care how they display digital ads in environments unsuited to their brand image. Also other industries are affected.

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Our Q2 study of Austrian advertisers show that they inadvertently display digital ads in environments unsuited to their brand image the more they go into the long tail of the internet.

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