Brand safety study with Ebiquity – Leading brands still exposed

Our study looked at more than four million critical domains and found that, during the first half of 2018, three in four of the top 100 DACH advertisers ran campaigns with ads that appeared in non-safe environments. This includes YouTube. Read the full study here.

YouTube ran ads from hundreds of brands on extremist channels

And it happened again. Good thing we are monitoring those kinds of channels and alert our clients:

Why are SBB and Conforama advertising on a Neonazi website?

Here another interesting article from Switzerland where advertisers have ended up on right wing websites, trusting their media partners blindly (in German):–und-nichts-davon-wissen-

zulu5 is presenting at IAA in Switzerland

zulu5 presented some challenges as it comes to ad safety at an IAA luncheon. Check out the article on

TAKING BRAND SAFETY TO THE NEXT LEVEL – THE CASE STUDY OF SMARTSTREAM.TV is challenged to deliver video ads in a targeted, brand-safe, multichannel environment. Read here what the team did to take the fight against fraud and brand unsafe environments to the next level.


zulu5 was invited to join the expert panel on brand safety at this year’s Austrian summit of The details on the discussion are found on (German).

Of course it would be nice, if the discussion around brand safety was a hyped one. To quote Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer bei Procter & Gamble, at the 4A Konferenz 2017: “Now here is the head fake that you might have already gotten: But you’ve only had a couple of thousand impressions over the past few months served on objectionable content, that did not cost you much money. Response: you’re missing the point. That’s a couple of thousand too many.”


Zulu5 continues to develop its commitment to transparency, market insight and brand safety

Zurich, May 10, 2017 – Zulu5 is pleased to announce it is Verified by TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group) and listed in the TAG Registry. TAG is the leading cross-industry body fighting criminal activity in the digital advertising supply chain.

TAG verification is one of many steps Zulu5 has taken in the last six months to enhance their brand safety portfolio, giving advertisers and agencies the ability to audit and identify all players within the digital advertising supply chain.

“Zulu5 has a growing portfolio of services focused on improving quality and transparency. Participating in the TAG Registry was the vital next step in our commitment to a safe and trusted ecosystem for advertisers, agencies, publishers and others,” said David Levy, Vice President for Zulu5 North America. “We intend to build on our TAG commitment by completing the various review requirements for certifications against Fraud, Piracy, and Malware.”

“We are excited to have Zulu5 verified and added to the TAG Registry. We look forward to expanding our work together in the USA and across the EU. Zulu5 provides a unique approach to brand safety and we support their efforts to bring full transparency to the digital ecosystem,” said Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG. “As a TAG Verified member, Zulu5 expands their commitment to advertisers, agencies and others to ensure a safe, fraud-free and clean supply chain.”

“As the CEO of Zulu5, my goal is to deliver excellence in quality and brand-safety. I am very excited to join TAG and look forward to continuing our deep commitment to supporting TAG members and the industry,” said Andy Gysler, CEO of Zulu5. “Combatting ad-fraud, piracy and a less than clean supply chain are at the core of our business. We are continually improving and developing our platform to ensure all parties in the ad delivery ecosystem are operating within a trustworthy and transparent environment.”

TAG Registered companies have been verified as legitimate participants in the digital advertising industry through a proprietary background check and review process powered by Dun & Bradstreet and subsequent approval by TAG.

About Zulu5:

Zulu5 is a brand safety and market insights platform that identifies websites that can have potentially brand damaging impact. The platform delivers services including real-time alerts, publisher quality auditing, supply chain analysis, and most important, detailed ad delivery chain reporting. Reports are used to mitigate brand exposure and enable advertisers and others to build a fully transparent and clean supply chain. Zulu5 is headquartered in Zurich and operates globally. For more information, please visit

About the Trustworthy Accountability Group:
The Trustworthy Accountability Group was created to foster transformational improvement at scale across the digital advertising ecosystem, focusing on four core areas: eliminating fraudulent traffic, combating malware, fighting ad-supported Internet piracy to promote brand integrity, and promoting brand safety through greater transparency. For more information on TAG, please visit


zulu5 hat mit Thomson Reuters zusammengearbeitet, um der Frage auf den Grund zu gehen wie Werbung auf landet:


NZZ media group’s digital advertising marketing company, Audienzz, is new partner and investor in Zulu5 AG. It thereby underlines the potential of the unique technology to monitor digitally displayed advertising to increase the transparency and quality in the digital advertising market. With its investment Audienzz secures the exclusive marketing license for Switzerland.

The investment complements existing offerings of Audienzz AG, the digital advertising company founded in 2016. With Zulu5 technology Audienzz will notably strengthen its position in programmatic buying.  Remo Baumeler, Managing Director of Audienzz: “Because of our investment we are now able to provide innovative tools to our clients in order for them to monitor the quality and transparency of their digital advertising campaigns independently.”

Zulu5 checks websites on borderline content, thus preventing the abusive proliferation of advertising on such sites. In addition to its core product, Zulu5 provides on-demand information on market trends and insights into the developments of the digital advertising industry. Furthermore, its clients benefit from market analysis about the success of their own and competitor campaigns. Andreas Gysler, CEO of Zulu5: “I look forward to working with Audienzz and am sure that both sides will benefit from the knowledge and technology transfer as we will jointly promote the international expansion of Zulu5.”