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zulu5 scans premium websites

We scan the digital advertising landscape to detect which brands advertiser where and with what message. The data flows into the zulu dashboard in real time to spot new campaigns and inform users of relevent market trends exactly when they need it.


zulu5 scans premium websites

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Watch your competition

Reacting to market events has never been easier. Receive alerts in real time when the competition launches a new campaign. Analyse the market ahead of your own campaign launch to assess what topics are being broadly advertised and where you fill a gap. The zulu5 platform will enable you to take informed decisions how to react to market events and where to place your own ads.


Get new leads

Now you can get new hot leads on a daily basis. Choose what variables (programmatic, video, topics...) are of interest to you and receive alerts in real time when a new lead comes up that you want to close. zulu5 can also help you prepare sales meetings in depths and to consult with your clients in the light of market activity how best to position their message on your websites.

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Sanja Jokic, Hermes Arzneimittel

«We knew that our digital market research was incomplete. We lacked in-depth digital market data to align our own campaigns even better with market trends and competitive activities. This gap has been filled since we started using zulu5 market observation. We can now digitally monitor the market in real time and derive profitable strategic measures to improve our advertising activities.»

Marcel Zielke, Vodafone Germany

«For Vodafone, one of the leading telecoms and technology service providers in Germany, it was always key to observe the needs of its clients and the activities of the competition in order to react quickly to shifting market trends. Speed is key. A significant share of our client base engages in the digital world, which has traditionally lacked transparency when it comes to digital advertising. Leveraging zulu5 market intelligence has filled that gap. We can now monitor market activities digitally in real time and adapt our communication and digital media strategy.»

Nicola Pohoralek, GroupM

«GroupM is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers. For this we need a detailed view of the market movements through the various advertising channels. Zulu white helps us to take a decisive step in digital marketing. We can now offer our customers full transparency on competitive activities and thus optimize their campaign goals.»

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