zulu5 today released zulu BLACK 2.0, taking brand safety monitoring to the next level.

The zulu crawler covers a growing number of over 4m blacklisted websites from areas such as pornography, extremism, fake news, piracy or violence to find out, if your ad got misplaced on any such sites and if yes, how. With the new release our clients are able to analyse their brand in even more depth, making the identification of weak spots along the ad chain much more powerful.

What’s new in zulu BLACK 2.o :

  • Featuring a state of the art user interface that provides even more insights in current weak spots of ad delivery, including brand new charts for ad delivery chain analysis
  • Highly customizable for individual analysis
  • Setting up alerts has never been easier. Customize the data as you like and issue an alert every time an ad placement is shown that violates your quality standards.
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