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X X ? ? PUBLISHER AD EXCHANGE AD EXCHANGE DSP DSP AD NETWORK AD NETWORK AD NETWORK SSP SSP TRADING DESK AD SERVER MEDIA AGENCY ADVERTISER You do everything you can to avoid your brand from appearing on bad websites, but you still have that uneasy feeling it could happen? You do everything you can to avoid your clients’ brand from appearing on bad websites, but your referrer reports indicate there is some risk? You do everything you can to avoid bad websites from creeping into your inventory, but you keep getting client complaints that it happened? Programmatic advertising is based on highly automated and complex systems. Oftentimes such ad deliveries touch multiple players in the ecosystem. The more players that are involved, the higher the chance that an ad gets routed to a website it was not intended to run on. Current ad fraud tools focus on in-ad prevention by following the ad delivery inside the ad code, blocking delivery when there is danger to being displayed on a bad website. This approach is prone to being spoofed, blocked and blindsided by savvy fraudsters so that all too often the final website cannot be properly determined Zulu5 acts as an outside-in auditing service, complementary to existing fraud tools, by starting from the bad website itself. We screen millions of brand damaging websites to check, if, despite your security settings, your ad runs there. If an ad is found, we follow the path to delivery back to its origin, recording every single step in detail so as to stop such deliveries from happening for good. What do current ad fraud technologies do to protect me? How is Zulu5 different with its crawler based approach? Learn more here:

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